Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Verizon Sucks!

So I have not been able to update my blog with recipes and photos because on Friday while the condo association was being landscaped the men hit the telecom box, knocking out our phone and internet. I called Verizon to report the problem and they said the earliest they could get a tech out to the complex would be Thursday! I asked, well what if my neighbors call too because I would assume since we're all hooked to the same box that everyone is having the same problem. I was told, in that case, it'll be moved up to "area outage" status and a tech will be out in 48 hours. Well it's over 72 hours and no tech. Are my neighbors not experiencing the same thing? I haven't been pesky enough to go knock on doors and ask them, but I'm starting to get so annoyed without internet at home that I may just do that.

So until Thursday, I'm on hiatus. I will have many an update once I can finally upload my photos at home. Til then, Verizon is on my naughty list.


Cookie said...

Sorry to hear about your internet. I have SBC and it's down a lot too. I just wanted you to know that my Platinum Chef Challenge #13 is up. I'd love it if you joined this time!

Cookie said...

Hi Lisa, no worries, you have plenty of time to participate! A whole months actually!