Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Toot Toot Toot

That's me...tooting my own horn. Get it? Haa. Bad joke, I know. But I don't really like to do that often (or ever really even have a reason too), however I was just so excited about this that I figured, what the heck! I recently finished grad school for Graphic Design and am still a little apprehensive about putting my work and ideas out there in public. I think it's that whole fear of rejection. But sometimes you just have to wing it and see what happens.

The blogging group Barefoot Bloggers had a contest seeking an avatar for the group. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get creative, use my new found skills and even possibly have one more item for my portfolio. To be honest, I was anxious about putting my work out there to be voted on, but it was worth it in the end. One of the avatars I designed was picked as the winning avatar! It will be displayed on each group member's blog as a logo and link to the site.

Here it is (I don't know why the green is so flourescent here, I think it has to do with photobucket, my picture host online):

Along those lines, I'll also use this as an advertisement of sorts. If anyone out there needs an avatar or masthead design for their blog let me know. Perhaps we can come up with something together.

(That's me putting my foot in the door...well, maybe.)


Laura P. said...

Good work, I like the logo! I *could* be wrong, but I thought I saw an ad out for an (whatever word you said) somewhere on this blog (don't remember what day it was posted, sorry) GL!

karen said...

i already left a comment on BB about it, but congrats! i'm glad you decided to wing it and see what happened, the logo is awesome.

Cate said...

Contrats! I love it!

Stephanie said...

That looks so amazing! Very professional and super cute! Great job:) It makes me want to join just so I can use that logo!