Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 1 Down, 5 more to go!

Week 1 of my Fitness Challenge is done. I survived! Actually, it wasn't too tough. I definitely did dread Wednesday, but I kept thinking, if I dread it now, I'm really going to dread it come Week 3!
I found that most days I felt better when I worked out in the morning versus in the afternoon after work. But getting up can be SO INCREDIBLY HARD some mornings. Especially when my husband - who is still recovering from ankle surgery - can lay in bed all day and doesn't have to get up. That kills my motivation to rise early even more.
Oh well - I'm on to Week 2! Of course, I didn't get up early this morning so I'll be starting tonight when I get home from work. But I vow to do the next two workouts in the morning because I won't have time in the next two evenings and I can't miss a day.
Pressing on...

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Laure said...

Keep up the good work! I do better when I get up and work out in the morning, too - but boy is it hard to get out of bed some days!