Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working on my fitness...

So I kind of fell off the wagon when it comes to working out. See, before my wedding I was up to running 5 miles about four to five times a week and watching what I ate. I had motivation though - a dress to fit into. Since last June though, it's been falling apart. I carried it through the summer pretty well, but allowed myself to eat a little more loosely (ice cream here, a cookie there etc.) Then winter came. I hate running outside in the cold so I was relegated to my treadmill. I just can't run as long on the treadmill - I get bored. Even with a tv. Then I got sick. Four times!! I've had four colds - or the same one four times, I can't tell - this season. That really hasn't helped me stay on a workout schedule.
So I bought the 30-day shred DVD a while ago and have been haphazardly doing it on and off for about a month now. This week though I decided to start my new "Get In Shape For Cabo" plan. We booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas for May so now, like my wedding, I have a goal to shoot for - a brand new bikini for Mexico. Or bust. And bust I will...literally.
Here's my plan: the 30-Day shred DVD has three workouts that increase in intensity and difficulty known as Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 (That Jillian Michaels is a marketing genius!). Anyway, over the next 6 weeks I will complete each level along with running intervals. Why am I doing it this way? Well I don't know. It just sounds good. And week 5 and 6 sound like they will really kick my ass. But I will get it done. I feel like putting it on my blog will hold me to it. I'll update twice-weekly on my progress as well. And I even took my measurements yesterday (meaning bust, waist and hips) to see how many inches I "shred". Drumroll please....here's the schedule:

Week 1 and 2:
Monday - Level 1 of 30-Day Shred, Run 1 mile
Tuesday - Level 1 of 30-Day Shred, Run 2 miles
Wednesday - Level 1 of 30-Day Shred, Run 3 miles
Thursday - Level 1 of 30-Day Shred, Run 2 miles
Friday - Level 1 of 30-Day Shred, Run 1 mile

Week 3 and 4:
Monday - Level 2 of 30-Day Shred, Run 2 miles
Tuesday - Level 2 of 30-Day Shred, Run 3 miles
Wednesday - Level 2 of 30-Day Shred, Run 4 miles
Thursday - Level 2 of 30-Day Shred, Run 3 miles
Friday - Level 2 of 30-Day Shred, Run 2 miles

Week 5 and 6 (otherwise known as Hell Week!):
Monday - Level 3 of 30-Day Shred, Run 3 miles
Tuesday - Level 3 of 30-Day Shred, Run 4 miles
Wednesday - Level 3 of 30-Day Shred, Run 5 miles
Thursday - Level 3 of 30-Day Shred, Run 4 miles
Friday - Level 3 of 30-Day Shred, Run 3 miles

Notice how Wednesday is the capstone of the workouts? I will literally be getting over a hump on humpday. So this morning I completed Day 2 of Week 1. Only 3 days and 5 weeks to go. Holy Cabo Wabo Batman! Wish me luck...


Stephanie said...

Good Luck! I have been the same way since Thanksgiving. Between all the holiday parties and then I was sick for like 3 weeks in January all my clothes are too tight. I'm back on the bandwagon of working out/eating healthy this week though.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I am an on again-off again runner. I'm signed up to run a 10K at the end of March and I haven't run since January. It's awful... where has my motivation gone?? Good luck sticking to your schedule!

Alison said...

Good luck with your workout. I'll be very interested in hearing about Cabo - I've been wanting to go there but don't know anyone who has been, so I'll be looking forward to some pictures and a review from you!

FiddlersBride said...

Hi there!
I am so proud of you already! For making a plan and posting it! I've checked out the 30-Day Shred from the library at time or two... kicks my butt ever single time. Never made it out of Level 1. Your post was very motivational. Who needs Jillian?! We've got LISA!! Keep up the great work. I have NO doubt you'll reach your goals! And then toast to it in Mexico with a lovely adult beverage and we'll do the same for you here!

Mandy said...

You can do this! Congrats on making a plan and sticking it to!