Friday, August 8, 2008

In honor of my two month wedding anniversary...

Here's a filler post! No but seriously. Two months ago yesterday we said "I Do" and it was literally the most perfect day of our lives. We had a fabulous time. One of the best things about our wedding was all the help and support we got from our family and friends along the way. One of those people was my now sister-in-law, Irene. She was very generous with her time in helping me out with all the details. And she generously offered to make her brother a grooms cake. Irene is a former pastry chef, trained at the Baltimore International School, our local culinary school. She hasn't worked in the field though in years, but was really excited to take on this challenge. Now Daniel, my husband, is an avid motorcyclist. He has a Suzuki sport bike, otherwise known as rice burner or crotch rocket (he would probably be really offended if he read this, knowing I don't know the model number - hey hon, I got Suzuki and I know it's blue, honestly what else do you want?) Anyway, a motorcycle cake was the perfect fit for him. We both knew he'd flip over a cake modeled after his beloved bike. The result was amazing! Everyone at our rehearsal dinner loved her cake. She did a flawless job and we were all so impressed. I tried to convince her that she needs to get back into the biz - especially now-a-days with all the wedding frenzy and hoopla that exists. Here are a few pics of the finished product:
Photobucket The front (don't you just want to bite that tire?)
Photobucket The side.
Photobucket The back.
Photobucket The other side.
Photobucket And here's a pic of my handsome groom (with his sister the cake creator in the background) in his goofy rehearsal t-shirt. He got it free from the tuxedo place and couldn't resist.

Now that's a motorcycle I can ride! Daniel is always bugging me to ride "bitch" (yeah, he thinks that's funny) on the back of his bike. One - if you've met me, you've seen my butt. I'm Italian so therefore it is an entity. Now compare that to the size of the so-called seat for the passenger and the sheer physics of how one is supposed to support the other just don't add up. Secondly - I'm not a praying mantis so therefore why do I have to sit like one? Have you ever seen passengers on these bikes? They look like bugs with their knees up at their ears. Sorry babe, but I'm just not that flexible. I keep telling him someday, someday. I just haven't figured out when that is yet. We'll see...
Back to the subject at hand. If anyone in the Maryland area is looking for a specialty cake I bet I could convince my sister-in-law to take on an order. She used to do specialty and wedding cakes out of her home about 10 years ago and loved it. Let me know if you're interested.

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