Monday, December 22, 2008

This Blog is Emeril Approved!


Last weekend while in New York city for a friend's birthday (the girl on the far left with the birthday hat), I spotted Emeril Lagasse at Otto Pizzeria where we were eating dinner. After much debate, myself, the birthday girl and another friend who is a die-hard foodie like me, decided to approach him and ask for a photograph. As a girl who lives by the Food Network schedule, I was completely star struck. Emeril wasn't as jovial as he is on television (no BAM!! was executed for us unfortunately), but he was friendly and agreed with no hesitation to a photo. Thanks Emeril! See you on the big screen.


Joelen said...

How super fun! Did he give you a famous 'Bam!'? Lol... he looks like he had his share of some drinks with those rosy cheeks of his! :)

Stephanie said...

Love Emeril!! That is so exciting! I tagged you on my blog. Merry Christmas!!