Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sundays with Sawyer

This segment of the blog is brought to you by my executive chef Sawyer (and inspired by The French Kitchen's Tuesdays with Reggie blogs. I love how she has found a way to integrate her pets with her blog on a regular basis! Sawyer thought it was pretty clever too.) It's also further proof that the only reason I married my husband is to avoid the title of "crazy cat lady". Because I'm basically on the verge of that (and no it's not Sunday, but this is what Sawyer actually did on Sunday but I"m a little late sharing it):
"Hello again! Last time we left off I was going over my duties in the kitchen. This time around I just wanted to share with you how a busy cat, such as myself, spends some long-sought after leisure time. See - on the weekends, it's hard for me to just get a little R&R. Why? Well, to be honest - the damn humans are always around! Normally, they are just here in the evenings since they go to "work" (like they know what that's all about?)during the week, but on the weekend they are just A-ROUND! Or at least the lady is. The man works weekends for now, but I've heard musings that that will soon be coming to an end and of course they are excited about it. NOT ME! On the weekend they sit on MY COUCH, they hang out all day in MY HOUSE! I am forced to sit in the kitty-cat beds. Has this woman seen the size of me? I have to squeeze myself into one of these beds. Then she sees me sleeping, half hanging out of the front of the bed, and thinks it's so cute. She's standing there saying, "Oh you're such a good boy. You love your bed don't you? What a good kitty!"
Sigh. What's a big-boned cat like myself to do?
This Sunday though wasn't too bad. At least on a nice day she opens all the windows and I get to finally keep an eye on the neighborhood.
And boy did I get an eyeful this weekend! In addition to the birds that pig out on the birdfeeder all morning - I swear sometimes their squawking and seed cracking gets on my last nerve - there was a sighting.
Do you see what I saw?
I knew something was milling around outside. I could smell the little rodent. Oh if I was an outdoor cat...I would chase him down! I'll just cut through this screen with my razor sharp talons! Then he's mine! Damn it why is she always clipping my nails! Oh well. Just you wait little chipmunk, just you wait..."


Anonymous said...

Hehe! So cute! Reggie loves looking out the windows because he's an indoor cat too. I can just see it in his eyes that he wants to be able to chase stuff, but if I open the porch door suddenly he's all "Go outside? Me? I don't think so!" I'm looking forward to seeing more of Sawyer!

That Girl said...

Too cute. I also have a plus sized Tabby, and I'm sure he has many of the same thoughts.

Joelen said...